Dietitian Dr Gulneer Puri based out of Amritsar, Punjab, She has completed M.Sc in Food & Nutrition. She also has Doctorate Degree in Holistic Nutrition, She has more than 9 years of experience in the field of diet & nutrition. She has worked with various organisations. She is helping people to reach their health-related goals with her healthy diet. She is highly educated and best dietitian / Nutritionist in Amritsar, Punjab. She provides weight loss diet consultations online.

Online Diet consultations, customised diet plans and charts are provided for service : Healthy Weight Loss, Healthy Weight Gain, Healthy Online Diabetes Diet, Diet for Hair Loss, Diet for PCOS/ PCOD, Healthy Heart Diet, stress management diet, cholesterol diet, control Belly fat, reduce tummy fat,  Diet for Glowing Skin for brides and groom and other disease management. Email and Phone consultation is also provided. 

In this fast-paced, high-stress society, where everything going online, why not the diet? My e clinic; 'Wellness beyond Diet with Dietitian Gulneer' helps you attain optimal health by personalised diet plans and motivating diet counselling sessions. Looking after your health today gives you a better health for tomorrow!  She is also running her diet Clinic in South Delhi.

Looking for top online weight loss dietitian in Amritsar, Ludhiana, Patiala or a Dietician in Jalandhar? Interested in excellent weight loss service online Bias, Batala or in Phagwara? Then contact famous weight loss diet consultant Dietitian Gulneer Puri.

You can view our client testimonial, weight loss success stories and experience of our clients who have successfully reduced weight through healthy weight loss diet charts. Dr Gulneer, one of the leading weight loss experts in Amritsar.

Dietitian Gulneer's major area for diet counselling is weight gain, weight loss, diabetes, PCOS, heart-related problems especially pertaining to cholesterol. With a right diet, a 100 % reversal can be brought down where the blood sugar level can be completely controlled for a better and disease free life.

Nutritionist Gulneer's diets aim at overall nutritional correction with comprehensive individual assessment,  with long-term results and benefits. Let's make life better by bringing in a total lifestyle change!!


  • Bachelors of Science in Food & Nutrition
  • Master of Science in Food Science and Technology
  • Master of Science in Nutrition and Food science
  • Doctorate in Holistic Nutrition


9-10 Years of experience in the Food Sector (India as well as U.S & U.K)

Past Organization

  • 2 years of Experience as Production Executive in manufacturing of tomato sauces for Nestle at Nijjer Ago Foods ltd.
  • 2 years taught as lecturer in one of the prestigious college of North India
  • 1 Year worked in NYU Medical center in New York
  • 1 Year worked with not for Profit Organization as ''Gods Love We Deliver''
  • 1 Year worked as a Dietitian in Health Care Clinic, London, UK
  • 2 Years with Kulwant Nutrition Inc, India.

Speciality Areas

1.Production Executive

I have worked with Nestle's product and co-ordinated on daily basis from quality control personal from Nestle to ensure that finished product and manufacturing facility exceeds to Nestle%u2019s international Standards. I ensured quality control by testing finished product for technical parameters based on random sampling.

2. New York Medical Center

I performed screening of patients on daily basis and was assigned patients, to counsel them, diet on diabetes and cholesterol related issues. I also counseled teenagers on alcoholism and drugs.

3. Gods Love we Deliver

This is a ''Not For Profit Organization'' where I was responsible for building triage of the patients after having a detailed conversation regarding the problem of the patients with their respective doctors. I even worked in the food-processing hall where food was being packed for old people who were suffering from health issues and were not able to prepare quality and nutritious food for themselves. I even tackled with their health related issues, which they were facing on every day basis. I also supervised that foods were being packed under aseptic conditions and right temperature so that it can sustain shelf life of at least 2 days under refrigeration.

4. Health Care Center, London, UK

I counseled patients including children, middle age group on weight loss problems and also on PCOS, uric acid and diabetes.

Kulwant Nutrition Inc

I have been fully involved in the R&D for formulating of 0% oil curry for patients suffering from cholesterol related problems and for weight loss. This can be used to prepare any kind of Indian dish (veg / non-veg). This product does not contain any color or preservative. The curry and flour mix, which I have prepared has shown 100% success rate in counseling patients suffering from diabetes, weight loss and cholesterol related issues.

I have also formulated a 7-grain flour mix for diabetic and weight loss patients. Along with my research, I worked with Kulwant Nutrition Inc in manufacturing of products from corn used to prepare extrusion products by Pepsi Co and Dominos.

As I have worked with an organization in U.S. So my Experience and Expertise are in weight loss, weight gain, diet for lowering cholesterol, Diet for hair loss, diet for glowing skin, diet for uric acid and above all diet for diabetes specially for those who are suffering from Type II Diabetes.

My past experience in India as well as U.S and U.K have led me in the formulation of food products. I hope I will be able to formulate more products related to health care in future.

In my leisure time, if I have any, I would love to involve myself with colors and come up with contemporary painting.



Location is not a problem . Consult Dietitian Gulneer Puri Online from anywhere in the world be it UK, US, Canada, Jalandhar, Ludhiana, Patiala, Pathankot, Batala, Phagwara, Bias, Lahore, Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Amritsar, Delhi, Punjab, Delhi India
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